Our Services

Start-ups Valuation

We offer Pre & Post Revenue Start-ups valuation service, investment offer & proposals preparation and opportunity to raise funding based on our valuation from angel investors and venture capital firms.

Pitch Decks Presentation

We offer Pitch decks presentation preparation service, which contains information about start-ups purpose, market size, competitions, product, business model, team and financials.

Business Plans Development

We offer Business development service to Pre & Post Revenue start-ups & SME’s, which contains information about business description , product, service, market, marketing strategy, development, operations & financial plan.

SME's Valuation

We offer SME’s valuation service , for valuing shares of company to make investment decision, mergers and acquisitions to make right investment decision to increase value of company. evaluation of new project to make investment decision.

About Us

Investo is a start-up focused investment advisory company that supported 70 start-ups to raise over USD 3,500,000. Since 2016, we strive to assist start-ups in creating investment offer to facilitate capital raising by attracting angel investors, venture capital funds and institutional investors for pre-seed, seed and series A stage companies. Investo successfully helps pre & post revenue stage start-ups to develop business plan, prepare pitch deck and win GEL100,000 or GEL650,000 grants provided by Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency [GITA].



David Chikhladze has over 6 years of experience in financial institutions ,private equity and venture capital, including buy side and sell side M&A transactions . He was investment officer at Georgian Technology and Innovation Agency (GITA) where he was responsible for valuation of start-ups.


George has over 6 years of business development & Marketing experience. . He also was Co-Owner of outsourcing company (Ltvalue) where they were outsourcing Digital marketing and UI/UX services. Now He is Co-Owner & CEO at MVP.ge (Startups,Tech and Investments)


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