Business Plan Development

INVESTO as an investment advisory company, offers business development services to :

  • Pre Revenue Start-Ups – to develop business idea and create MVP product.
  • Post Revenue Start-Ups – to identify potential of scalability and develop business model.
  • SME companies- identify strengths & weakness and increase revenue.
  • Large companies – develop plan expansion current and new business lines.

We offer :  

  • The market –  industry analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis.
  • Marketing strategies and sales – marketing segmentation strategy, targeting strategy, positioning strategy, pricing strategy, promotion and advertising strategy, distribution channels, sales strategy, sales forecast.
  • Development – development strategy and timeline.
  • Operations – operations strategy, scope of operations, location, inventory, suppliers.
  • Financials – start-up funds for start-ups and new project launch funds for SME’s & large companies, financial history analysis – for SME’s & large companies, operating forecast, break -even analysis, construction 3 statement financial models with sensitivity analysis.
  • Investment offer –  offer for funding request, offer for sale whole, majority and minority equity stakes of start-ups, SME’s large and companies, capital requirements, risk and opportunity, valuation of companies and start-ups based different valuation methods, exit strategy.
  • Returns analysis – calculation and return analysis, which includes:  IRR –internal rate of return, NPV – net present value, payback and discounted payback period, profitability index, cash on cash multiple.