SME’s Valuation

INVESTO, as an investment advisory company   offers SME’s business valuation service for buying & selling whole or some part of their businesses. 

In the financial services world, valuation is used for various purposes:

  • For valuing shares of company to make investment decision.
  • In mergers and acquisitions to make right investment decision to increase value of company.
  • In evaluation of new project to make investment decision.

Basic principle and meaning of valuation is to determine what is potential of business.  the word potential means to the future and thus most of the valuation approaches are about estimating future and converting it into hard numbers.  Valuation is not just financial concept but ability to project and estimate the future potential of companies.

We offer SME Valuation based on:

  • DCF – Discounted Cash Flow Method.
  • Comparable Analysis Method.
  • Precedent Transactions Method.
  • Book Value / Liquidation Method.
  • Sum Of The Parts Method.
  • LBO – Leveraged Buy Out Valuation Method.