First Georgian web browser start-up STACK founded in June 2018.

Stack is a next-generation INTERNET Launchpad that makes web application multitasking easier by allowing simultaneous use of multiple Apps within a clean and organized working environment and immersive split-screen view.

STACK plans to become first Georgian unicorn.  Start-up stack has following awards :

  • TechCrunch Top Pick of Disrupt Berlin 2018.
  • Y  Combinator Startup School Graduate – Class 2017.

In 2019-year STACK won GITA start-up matching grants with amount 100,000 GEL.

Based on INVESTO start-up valuation service STACK   raised its first institutional investment – 1 million euros.
After multiple rounds of a tough selection process, STACK got selected among the top 5 startups from 930+ to be accelerated by 360 lab Accelerator in Graz, Austria.