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Investo is only one consultancy focused on startup investment advisory More than 10 years’ experience in private equity & venture capital Strong startup industry expertise We are creating startups valuation based on silicon valley standards Exclusively access to more than 500 local & international private equity funds, venture capital funds and angel investors

Business Plan Development Business plan development preparation service price is 4,000 GEL.

  • Product And Service  Description
  • Market  Research And Marketing Strategy Determination
  • Financial  Model And Budgeting Preparation
  • Investment Offer Preparation
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Start-Up & SME Valuation Service Start-Up & SME valuation preparation service price is 3,000 GEL.

  • Discounted Cash Flow Multiple Method Valuation
  • Discounted Cash Flow Perpetuity Growth Rate Method Valuation
  • Venture Capital  Method Valuation
  • Qualitative  Method Valuation
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Investment Pitch Deck Service Investment pitch deck preparation service price is 1,500 GEL.

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Advantage Determination
  • Product & Service Description
  • Description Of Management Team 
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