ACTORS  is an innovative online platform ( Web site and app ), the goal of which is to create casting the base for actors, types, and creators all around the world.

The embedded artificial intelligence gives an option to any person 16+ worldwide, interested to perform and act – professionals as well as types register in the base and have a chance to be chosen by creators (film studios, directors, producers and etc.) and take part in the shooting process.

For ACTORS (Talents) it is a chance to get popular in the homeland or beyond its border, get alternative job and earnings.

For CREATORS -representatives of the Film Industry, producers, production companies, film and commercial directors and agents- it is an easy way to get familiar with world actors and hold pre-casting without spending quite big money and time.

Start-up business development service

We created a business development plan for ACTORS, which includes:

  •  Executive summary
  • Description of start-up background
  • Determination  team and organizational structure of start-up
  • Detailed description of innovation technology of start-up
  • Market Analysis – determination Total Addressable Market – T.A.M
  • Market Analysis – determination Serviceable Available Market – S.A.M
  • Market Analysis – determination Serviceable Obtainable Market – S.O.M
  • Determination main competitors
  • Determination of future strategy of start-up development
  • Determination commercialization strategy
  • Determination & optimization of the business model
  • Determination of development plan of start-up
  • Planning a 5-year project budget for GITA start-up matching grants.
  • Determination revenue drivers 5-year financial projection P&L statements for GITA start-up matching grants.
  • Investment return analysis.
  • Calculation of revenue growth rate and CAGR – Compound Annual Growth Rate for a 5-year projected period.
  • Profitability analysis of 5-year financial projected P&L statements.



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