Pitch Decks Presentation

INVESTO, as start-up focused investment advisory company, offers Pitch Deck presentation preparation service for

  • Pre Revenue Start-Ups.
  • Post Revenue Start-ups.
  • Business Accelerators / Incubators.

We offer:

  • Market research of sector in which start-up plans operations.
  • T.A.M – total addressable market determination and analysis for start-ups.
  • S.A.M – serviceable available market determination & analysis for start-ups.
  • S.O.M – serviceable obtainable market determination & analysis for start-ups.
  • Competition analysis for start-ups
  • Competitive advantage determinations for start-ups
  • Product descriptions with features analysis for start-ups
  • Traction description & analysis for start-ups
  • Construction business model for start-ups
  • Construction financial models with sensitivity analysis for start-ups
  • Construction valuation model and determine start-up value
  • Investment offer construction to investors
  • Description management team and organizational structure for start-ups